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My Mission

Bringing You The Joy of Paper Crafting With Stunning Results  

Paperlegend will bring the essence of legendary cars into your home and garage. By combining two well-known media, the print and the car model the idea of Paperlegend was born. The wall-mounted sculptures are made of metallic paper which is machine cut and creased and ready for you to assemble. So you can build your dream car!

In this way, you get the best of Print and Carmodel. You are able to move around the sculpture and check all the angles and facets of the Design. We all went down on our knees to check out an awesome classic. On the other hand, it will catch the attention as it is exposed on your wall.

Another aspect is that sculptures of cars are usually very expensive, so I want to give the opportunity to every automotive addict ( like myself) to be able to include your personal hero from the past into your daily life.

Made for everyone