Whale Tail - Papercraft Car Sculpture

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Assembly Kit for Petrolheads and Lovers of classic car design icons.

The first available Paperlegend. For the Minimalists. This is the perfect wall decoration for car enthusiasts who love car art. The Whale Tail comes in the top view and with a backplate. It is a good first choice if you haven't done a papercraft car before, as it is easy to build yet a nice automotive design piece.


  • Precut and Creased 
  • No tools required
  • Glue in the kit for free only for preorders 
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Clear Layout
  • High-grade metallic Paper - FSC-certified 


    What You Will Get

    This papercraft of a classic racecar comes as a clean layout assembly kit. You don't have to cut anything as the papercraft is precisely cut and pre-creased to guarantee a perfect matching sculpture and a nice and easy-going build process. We put the perfect glue for the build of the wall sculpture in the assembly kit for free, as a thank you for your preorder.

    The paper used for this papercraft car is a metallic one. This very special paper is giving the sculpture a strong contrast and makes it stand out.

    The sculpture is meant to be hung on the wall, which makes it a unique piece of car art, that will make your home or garage a nicer place to be.

    Colours and Materials

    You can choose from a range of metallic colours, and also glossy or matte black. The windows of the sculptures always come in high gloss black paper.

    Please respect that due to on-demand production process, only the Sleek Silver Versions can be delivered before Christmas.

    We will produce and deliver your colour choice as soon as possible in early January 2020


    Dimensions and Scale

    Background     70 centimetres long and 34 cm wide
    Car                    55 centimetres long, 22 wide and 9 cm high
    Scale                1:8 that is as low as it gets. Do the maths.

    Build Difficulty and Time

    You will have about 7 hours of fun completing this papercraft car sculpture.

    Build difficulty 3 / 5 
    Time to build: 7 Hours

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