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Bavarian Drift 3D Sketch - 1:8 side view

Bavarian Drift - 3D Sketch - Instructions

 Use the 3D Model to better understand what you are currently building.Toogle between parts  in the top left corner. Works best on a Desktop PC / Laptop.

How it works:

1. Use the dropdown menu bellow to see individual parts ( Named P1, P2,P3 ...) in their final shape.
2. Use the 3D model as a reference to fold creased lines accordingly to match the shapes.
3. Start assembling by following the numbers on the pieces from small to big e.g.: 1,2,3... find matching numbers and connect the pieces.
4. Apply Glue on the printed side of the Flap. Do not use excessive amounts of Glue
5. Follow the numbers until you finish each Part
6. Merge finished Parts connecting the "M-numbers" matching on both sides from small to big. M1, M2, M3...
7. Fix the Sculpture on the Baseplate
8. Use hanging holes to place model on the wall


Rotate - Left mouse / One finger

Zoom - Middle mouse / Two finger zoom

Pan - Right mouse / Two finger pan