Ducktail 3D Sketch - Printable Template - 1:28

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Printable PDF Assembly Kit - Papercraft Car sculpture

Start to create your sculpture right away! You will receive a printable PDF File.

The "Ducktail 3D Sketch" is your perfect match! The 

This quick-to-build papercraft car sculpture guarantees you quick and nice results. The perfect way to get into paper crafting. 

For the experienced Papercrafter, who wants to do the whole process.

  • Get the Paper you want to build the Sculpture with
  • Print the PDF on your Paper
  • Crease the Folds
  • Cut out the shapes
  • Papercraft Glue
  • follow the detailed assembly instructions
  • Build as often as you want!
  • Create your own colour variants


You will need papercraft Glue. You can find the perfect glue for the Paperlegend store here . Feel free to use any other glue but be sure to have a pointy object at hand to apply the glue into tight spaces.

The paper used for this papercraft car is a metallic one. This exceptional paper is giving the sculpture a strong contrast and makes it stand out.

The Ducktail 3D sketch comes as a Standing sculpture. This is the perfect piece for car enthusiasts who love car art and are looking for a creative petrolhead hobby. 

Colours and Materials

The Ducktail 3D Sketch should be printed on 120 - 160 GSM colour copy paper. The sculpture is designed to be printed on A4.  If you print on A3 you will end up with a scale 1:14 sculpture

The Sketches of Ivan Shmatov ( Instagram @sell_porsche_to_buy_porsche) printed on it have a high level of detail while keeping it easy to build.




Dimensions and Scale

Car                   16 centimetres long, 8 wide and 6 cm high
Scale                1:28


Build Difficulty and Time

Build difficulty : 3 / 5 
Assembly Time: 1 Hour

Time to cut and crease: about 1- 2 Hours


You will have about 2-3 hours of fun completing this papercraft car sculpture.

The papercraft car itself will take around 2 hours to assemble. The wheels will take an additional hour, to finalize. 

Immediate access. As this is a downloadable file you have access to it right after your purchase