Printable Template - Whale Tail - Papercraft Car Sculpture

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Printable PDF Assembly Kit - Papercraft Car sculpture

Start to create your sculpture right away! You will receive a downloadable PDF File.

For the experienced Papercrafter, who wants to do the whole process.

  • Get the Paper you want to build the Sculpture with
  • Print the PDF on your Paper
  • Crease the Folds
  • Cut out the shapes
  • follow the detailed assembly instructions
  • Build as often as you want!
  • Create your own colour variants


    What You Will Get

    This papercraft of a classic racecar comes as a Printable PDF DIY assembly kit. It is recommended for experienced paper crafters and requires precise cutting and creasing. We recommend using a white PVA  or Wood Glue. You can also order the Perfect glue in the Paperlegend shop alongside. 

    The recommended paper for this Papercraft car sculpture is metallic A3 Paper with a thickness of 250 - 300 gsm. But also feel free to assemble with the paper of your choice but keep in mind to build with at least 250 gsm strength.

    The sculpture is designed to be printed on A3 but it will also work on A4 sized paper. Keep in mind the Resulting sculpture will be smaller accordingly if A4 paper is used. 

    The sculpture is meant to be hung on the wall, which makes it a unique piece of car art, that will make your home or garage a nicer place to be. You will just need 2 small Screws to hang it.

    Dimensions and Scale

    Background     70 centimetres long and 34 cm wide
    Car                    55 centimetres long, 22 wide and 9 cm high
    Scale                1:8 that is as low as it gets. Do the maths.

    Build Difficulty and Time

    Build difficulty: 4 / 5 
    Time to build: 7 Hours

    Time to cut and crease: about 14 Hours

    Immediate access. As this is a downloadable file you have access to it right after your purchase.